C-Dot Consultants can provide a range of services to assist companies in groupware deployment. As well as our own in-house capabilities, we have had a number of successful engagements where we have project managed on behalf of clients, while outsourcing work to external providers, such as other consultants who's skills and experience complement our own. This allows us to tackle much larger jobs that would otherwise be possible.

Some of the activities we have been involved in for clients to date:

Our Clients

Since founding in 2003 C-Dot Consultants has worked with clients throughout the world, in many different industries, including Apple Computer (Computers and Software), ATE (Aerospace), Ingres (Databases), ILOG (Management Consultancy), ImageSound (Media and Advertising), Latham and Watkins (Legal), Micralyne (Electronics Manufacturing), Wind River (Embedded Systems), and many more.