Free-to-use Products

For the benefit of clients, C-Dot Consultants have developed (and continue to support) many free-to-use Extensions for Foswiki and TWiki, that are released through their respective project websites, including: ActionTrackerPlugin, BookmakerPlugin, BuildContrib, CalDAVPlugin, CommentPlugin, CharsetConverterContrib, DBCacheContrib, DBIStoreContrib, EditRowPlugin, HoneyPotPlugin, MacrosContrib, FamilyTreePlugin,, MailInContrib, MirrorWebPlugin, JHotDrawPlugin, FormQueryPlugin, PerlPlugin, PlainFileStoreContrib, PrefsCachePlugin, PublishPlugin, SafeWikiPlugin, SubscribePlugin, TablesContrib, TinyMCEPlugin, TocPlugin, WebPermissionsPlugin, WysiwygPlugin and others.

Available from C-Dot Consultants

We are also able to offer a number of added value products.

WebDAV for Foswiki

WebDAV is a standard that allows access to file systems over the World Wide Web, rather like FTP but much more powerful. It is widely supported by a lot of applications such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Besides the Microsoft Office suite, all applications of the LibreOffice and OpenOffice families support WebDAV, as do many other programs such as Corel Draw and Photo Paint.

WebDAV takes your Foswiki to the next level as a document management solution by allowing access to Foswiki attachments and topics using these applications.

The Foswiki WebDAV suite comprises

Advanced Features

The WebDAV module is available now. Contact us for latest pricing and availability.