Open-Source Solutions for Business

C-Dot Consultants are groupware experts, dedicated to the deployment and support of groupware in businesses that understand the value of open source.

Our Business

Founded in 2003, we have worked with many clients ranging from small businesses to household-name multi-nationals.

Strong believers in the KISS principle, we focus on low cost of ownership for our clients. We do this by leveraging the best of open-source software, customising and in some cases extending it to more directly address client requirements. We also offer a range of unique products that address common client requirements.

Our consultants are experienced with a wide range of groupware solutions, both commercial and open-source, including all the major implementations of wikis, blogs, instant messaging, social networks, issue trackers, configuration management systems and distributed authoring.

We specialise in solutions based around the Foswiki open source wiki software, and have been active contributors to this software (and its predecessor, TWiki) for over a decade.

Contact us today! As befits a modern internet business, we work with clients throughout the world.